>Fun animals from Busch Gardens


  A few days ago I went to Busch Gardens for the first time. I am 15 minutes away, and have lived here 2 years but just never made it there. I am not really interested in roller coasters and did not realize just how much of the park was dedicated to animals! Finding out that as a Florida resident I can pay one day and go back as many times the rest of the year as I want at no additional charge finally got me there!      
  The challenge for me when I go to zoos or other parks like this to photograph animals is to come back with images that look like I was hanging out in Africa or Australia.  Easier with some animals then others. The cuffs that are placed around the legs of many birds/ducks can really detract from an otherwise beautiful photo. The  amazing new ‘content aware fill’ feature in Photoshop CS 5 makes it easy to make them go away thus eliminating that problem!   I really liked that I was able to get relatively close to this lion. I was luck to get the first photo as she was sleeping like in the second photo the rest of the time I was there. The male lion I will have to get next time-he was hanging out where I couldn’t photograph him except through some glass.
  This little guy had one of those horrible cuffs on his leg but I took it off for him! đŸ™‚  They really have  long pointy little beaks!
  The area where I took these bird photos was actually my favorite, they are free to fly about under a giant netted ceiling. The background behind this little duck was a waterfall. I love this profile shot!
  At the top of this waterfall a pink spoonbill bird takes a drink! I like this photo because his eye is looking right at the camera!
  How cute is this pudgy little bird!  They had a nice variety of birds here, fun to look around and see what they are up to plus the scene changes quite a bit moment to moment!
  I usually don’t bother to photograph sea gulls too much,  they are not a very unique subject but I loved the scenery here and then when he yawned I came a way with a fun unique shot after all!
  Okay it is pretty obvious I am not out in the wild here with this feeding station but I really like this shot-the Giraffes are framed nicely by the trees and the 2 of them are posed almost equally.
Strange friends!
  Two Crocodile tails, a fun, unique and artistic composition. These guys don’t move very much or often so they are easy subjects!
  You can also get really close to kangaroos here! Oh how I long to see Australia!  My favorite photo of the day is below.  How cool does this one look?
  I look forward to returning throughout the year to improve my wildlife photography skills. Hope you have enjoyed this collection!

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