>Scooter the Chef


  It has been some time since I took any photos of my neighbors dog, Scooter. As you can see he is one of the cutest dogs ever! He is very photogenic, sweet and patient though not too happy about wearing this outfit.
  My community had a vendor fair event where I was able to set up a table to promote my photography.  Scooters owner was helping out the man selling food there and Scooter was the mascot ha. He sat there for several hours and did not try to get the hat off! He is such a sweet little dog. I could tell he wasn’t too thrilled with the whole idea though!
  Scooter is a popular dog here. He loves to go on walks and chase tennis balls on the tennis courts here as well as chewing on sticks.  He is a very lucky dog and everyone loves him of course!
  I think he needs to be a professional dog model as it is amazing that he will actually stand still for you unlike a lot of them. How cute is this?
  I hope I get the chance to take some Christmas themed themed shots of him. I love photographing dogs and would really like to get more work in this area. 

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