>Santa Monica


  I’m back with more pictures from my day in the Venice/Santa Monica area. After wandering Venice Beach for a while I made my way north to the Santa Monica Pier, walking on the beach itself for the last part of my journey.

  I am not sure why but I find myself fascinated with the seaweed and plants that get washed up on the shore when I walk along the beach and am always compelled to photograph them. The light was beautiful this time of day making them look more beautiful to me.
    I walked up on the Pier and captured this fun shot looking back on the beach.
    I really love this area. About 2 blocks in from the ocean is the 3rd Street Promenade which is a shopping area a few blocks long surrounded by natural beauty. In the 2 years since I have been to the area they have built a 3 story open air mall at the end of the Promenade called Santa Monica Place. It is amazing. The 3rd floor is all restaurants and overlooks both the rest of 3rd Street from one side and the ocean from the other!
Here are a few photos of it and you can learn more by clicking the link above.

  This is exactly the kind of thing that I think they should build where the struggling Baywalk shopping area is in St. Petersburg. It is about the same distance from the water. I have been to several amazing outdoor malls in California including this one and the Grove and whoever it was that developed them should really come do their thing in the Tampa/St Petersburg area!
  I will end this post with this photo of a very fat bird living the life in Santa Monica. This may actually be one of my favorite bird photos ever!
My next post will feature photos from the Self-Realization Center founded by Paramahansa Yogananda near Malibu. His book Autobiography of a Yogi is on of my favorites and it was wonderful to visit this beautiful and inspirational place.
Stephanie 🙂

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