>More Marvin the Duck


  It has been awhile since I posted any photos of my favorite neighborhood duck, Marvin. For those new here I call him Marvin because when I first saw him he reminded me of the Looney Tunes Marvin the Martian character with the brush on his head. Marvin lives on the lake in my community with a bunch of mallards. I am told he has lived here at least 5 years. Every time I go for a walk I look for him, he is like the community mascot.
A few months ago a grey duck moved here and now they are a couple, always swimming around together. I need to go back and get some good shots of them together.
  Despite living here so long and having people feeding him every day, Marvin is pretty shy and usually won’t let me get too close. He was pretty good this day though and I was able to get some fun shots with my 70-300mm.  
  I like this image because to me it looks like he is looking out onto the lake pondering life lol. I love watching animals. The lives of the ducks here are pretty simple, swim, eat, sleep and occasionally argue with one another. Marvin can be a little evil sometimes going after another duck and chasing him/her away for no apparent reason then returning to his peaceful swim across the lake.
  I like this photo because you can see his reflection on the water.  Long after I move from here I will treasure these photos Marvin. Too often we allow people, pets, events to come and go from our lives without capturing quality photos which will help to keep their spirits and memories alive in us. It is one of  the reasons I am a photographer. 
  I am going to be in Orlando the next few days and on Saturday will be attending a fair in Mount Dora which is a really nice little town north of there. Hope to get some fun shots to share.

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