>International Friends Profile-Alfred from New York


Last week I had the privilege to photograph Alfred or Al for short in Ybor City, one of my favorite areas to visit in Tampa. Ybor is a fantastic place to photograph people. Historic buildings, rail road tracks, and Centennial Park all make for fantastic backdrops. We began the shoot in the Centennial Park area.
Al was born in New York to Latino parents, his father from Puerto Rico, his mother from Mexico. He has traveled extensively,  working as a photo manager aboard several cruise ships. He spent 2 years in Montreal and has now lived in Tampa for 5. He loves living in the area as it is “diverse in art, culture, politics, and its people are friendly, hard working, and religious.”
Al’s favorite destinations include Maui, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Montreal, Punta Arenas( Tierra Del Fuego), and  Montevideo (Uruguay). Australia is next on his list of places he would like to visit or live in.
Al is very friendly and was fun to photograph. He has led an interesting life working at a variety of professions. These include: The Managing Photographer on board multiple Cruise ships and for a time a Wedding Videographer in Montreal, Canada. While living in New York State, Al was a manager for a T.C.Y.B. yogurt franchise, The Coffee Beanery, and Franchisee of a Gloria Jean’s Gourmet Coffee Shop, in Westchester County.  Currently Al is a licensed Pre-need counselor and Insurance agent for the State of Florida.
Al enjoys a variety of music, various cuisines including Italian, Latin, and Sushi as well as all types of seafood.
He also enjoys cigars and fine wine, reading and movies-especially International films, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Political, and Docu-Dramas.   He is not fond of extremists, or anyone and anything that is negative, destructive. 

We finished out session by the railroad tracks, I love photographing people here! I always seem to get some of my favorite shots on them.

I will end this post with one of my most favorite shots. The sign, the brick wall, the sidewalk leading off into the distance just a great and fun photo of Al. Thank you Al for participating in my project!
 Next weekend I am shooting the wedding of Stacey and Greg. I look forward to sharing some of the very best photos!  The next International Friends profile will be of Natalia from Russia!


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