>Art in Motion Ybor


Happy Monday!
   I had a fun weekend but a hot one! We are still stuck in the 90s every day here in Tampa and I am SO ready for some relief from the humidity. Still I did not let it stop me from getting out and having a good time. Today I am just sharing a few shots I took when I stopped by the Red Bull Art in Motion Competition in Ybor. I could not stay long as I had to be somewhere else but had fun freezing the young men in midair there as they ran up walls and jumped off railings!

  I love freezing motion with my camera more than anything I think because it enables you to see moments that pass too quickly for your eyes to truly appreciate them.

  These guys were practicing for the competition when I was there. They each had 90 seconds on a course to show off their skills any way they chose. I think I would have truly melted if I had been able to stay for the whole thing!

Look at the muscles!

The competition was held in Centro Ybor in the courtyard across from the movie theaters. Here a few contestants are hanging out on top of the ‘wall’ used in the course.

These guys were doing all of this with no cushions to save them in case of error, it was pretty amazing.

Thanks to my friend Angelica for telling me about the event. Wish I could have stayed longer! 
Tomorrow I hope to post some animal photos I took at Lowry Park Zoo Sunday. I got to see an elephant swimming and rolling around in the water which was amazing. I will also be posting another in my International Friends Profile series by the end of the week. 🙂

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