>World Wide Photo Walk-Tarpon Springs

Yesterday was Photoshop Guru Scott Kelby’s 3rd annual World Wide Photo Walk. Groups of photographer gather in cities all over the world and take photos for a few hours, then gather for lunch at the end. This year I participated in the walk led by Scott Kelby himself who is a really nice guy. It was a really hot but beautiful day in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I kind of wish something had been going on there, I felt I was taking the same kinds of photos I have many times before there. No performers or much activity going on.

Tarpon Springs is a unique little place with a lot of character. Some of it is a little too cheesy but I like it there and there are some great Greek restaurants there! You can take a tour from here, last February I was supposed to go with my friend visiting from California but it was cancelled due to cold weather which still sounds odd. Hope I get the chance to try again soon

I always love it when I see a dog on a boat. They always look like they are having so much fun. Helps add interest to photos too. After the wallk the group met up at Hellas restaurant where I had an excellent Chicken Slouvaki wrap. I love Greek food! I had a good time but boy was I tired by the time I get home. I am still not used to actually looking forward to the end of summer here in Florida. I am ready for October šŸ™‚


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