>Huey Lewis and the News

This photo of me and Floppy the dog was taken around 1987 or so. I think Huey Lewis was one of the first singers I had a crush on and I loved his music and the humorous videos they did which were back in the good old days when MTV actually played videos. I loved the 80s! When I found out Huey was playing Taste of Pinellas in St Petersburg at Vinoy Park on the water I was thrilled to be able to attend and even better take some photos!

Huey will be 60 on July 5th. Wow hard to believe. He is in great shape and I really enjoyed hearing so many of my favorite songs. The first song was Heart of Rock and Roll probably my favorite of all but then they played Heart and Soul, Do You Believe in Love? and Power of Love which always reminds me of Back to the Future such a great movie and time to be a teenager!

Towards the end of the show I was able to sneak up pretty close and got this shot of Huey with the harmonica which I love as he appears to be looking right at me 🙂

This one just looks really silly. The wacky looks you capture when shooting people in motion never cease to amuse me. The night was extremely humid yet until coming back for an encore Huey sported a long sleeve black shirt, then he changed to a short sleeved one.

I love bands that use a lot of brass, especially sax. They also did a few number accapella though unfortunately not my favorite, Bad is Bad. Now if only I could photograph Sting when he comes to town July 3rd. That would be a dream come true!


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