>A few from the Zoo

The more I practice and learn, the more picky I am about what I feel is good enough to post here and/or turn in for school. Getting a truly good photograph as compared to a ‘cute picture’ is pretty time consuming. Last week on an amazingly beautiful day I went to Lowry park zoo and took photos for 3 hours. In all that time I only got a few photos I feel worthy enough to post. I spent most of my time photographing the orangutangs. The baby ones are very funny and acitve never sitting still for more than a second. The above photo made all of my time worth it though.
The below photos was a reaction to having dropped some of the food he had in his hand.

Then there is this guy below, these monkeys are very difficult to photograph in fully sun as they are black and white. This photo amuses me because he really looks like a grumpy old man!

Lowrey park is a really nice zoo, if it were free to go I would hang out there often. The only one I have been to that tops it-Disneys Animal Kingdom isnt even really considered a zoo but is very beautiful and enormous.
My difficulties with getting great wildlife photos only makes me appreciate shows like Planet Earth all the more. I am very excited about the new series by the same producers ‘Life’ coming on the Discovery channel March 21st it looks amazing!


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