I have not done much studio photography. Other then specific assignments at school almost all of my portrait photography has been done outdoors. I do not currently have the room to set a studio up in my apartment but look forward one day to having one. My friend/fellow photography student Jessica has set up a studio in her garage and yesterday I traveled there to use her lights on her! She also took photos of me, I will put up a few of those when I get them.

I took the above one just for the heck of it at the end, it was the last shot on my memory card! Funny how sometimes that turns out to be one of the ones you like most!

I had a really good time and got quite a few shots I like which is very encouraging. Before starting school almost all of my photography was nature related. I am finding out though that what I really love doing is photography people, trying to coax emotion and unique expressions out of them. It is fascinating just how much the human face changes from moment to moment.


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