>Running and Wagging

Today was a nice day here in Tampa. A few time it looked like it wanted to rain but it stayed pretty dry. I went for a walk around the lake here and spotted what should have been a terrific photo opportunity-3 racoons cuddled up sleeping together up in a tree. However they had their heads buried in one another so that all it looked like was a big ball of fluff with a few tails hanging out lol. So instead I have some more pictures of my favorite animals-dogs!

The above photos are of a puppy named Lily who I met at a nearby dog park. She was so cute and had a lot of fun running with the other puppies at the park.
Today I had the luck to photograph my old friend Scooter and a few of his friends.

Obviously I had fun. I am going to need to come up with some cute props to use with pet photography to make the photos more interesting. My favorite of all of these is the one above of Lily with the Chinese food container. Things like that are sometimes hard to plan out but they make a big difference!


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