>Back from Break

> Well after all that hard work I had a nice break which I really enjoyed. My oldest friend Aleeta came to visit me from Los Angeles and we had a great time even though the unusual cold weather here stopped us from doing all of the things I had on my list. Managed to take a few cute photos of here though not as many as I would have liked!

Aleeta and I have been friends since 1989 when we met working together at a Sam Goody music store in Maryland. Several years ago she moved to Los Angeles where I have been to visit her often. In May I will be going back out there to attend her wedding. The above photos were taken in Sarasota Florida on Lido Beach. It was a beautiful but cool day there.

This black and white photos is my favorite. It was taken on a really cool day at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs Florida. A beautiful park and beach area I really want to shoot there again.

There is just something wrong about a photo of someone shivering in a leather jacket with palm trees in the background isnt there?
It seems to be finally warming up a bit here, today was beautiful. I am now in my final class at school Portfolio and will be shooting more than ever, I should not be short of material to post here any time soon!


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