Wow it has been a while since I have posted! The last few weeks have been very hectic with school I was buried under a ton of homework. It will be my belated New Years Resolution to post SOMETHING on here every day very soon. I have several sets of photos to put up and next term will be shooting for portfolio and doing all the things necessary to truly launch my business!
Last weekend I had the honor of photographing my neighbor Annie. When I met her I had the feeling she would photograph beautifully and I was right. We had a fantastic time wandering around the lake here and I think I got some of my best portraits ever!

This photo was taken of Annie sitting in a beautiful moss covered tree that is in front of my building. I now want to put everyone I photograph her up in that tree just something magical about it

I finally feel like I am really seeing backgrounds popular, this one is beautiful. Things are looking more ‘winterlike’ than usual here in Tampa due to some evenings of freezing temperatures. It actually looks like fall up north here in the background

I love love love this profile shot. At this point in the shoot the sun was starting to go down and we began using a reflector to improve the light

Beautiful light, beautiful girl.

Annies boyfriend Glen came along to help. We used a gold reflector and I loved the results, beautiful golden light provides an instant suntan!

Finally my favorite. I simply love the dreamy look on her face. I will be photography Annie again in the future for my portfolio. Stay tuned for more photos of her.
Tomorrow I hope to post a series of macro shots I took of a white rose. Used one for my ‘sensual’ shot for commercial class. I love these photos and can’t wait to share them.


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