I love puppies, next to photography they may be my favorite things. And they are always puppies to me no matter how old they get. This one’s name is Scooter and he lives in my community. He loves to go for walks and watch his owner play tennis. He reminds me of Nutmeg, my family’s dog. Dachshunds are my favorites. When I was little we had a black one named Biscuit who was a lot of fun.

Yesterday I was in a Homegoods store looking at something on a shelf I turned to look at the cart parked next to me and in it sitting on a little bed was a super cute Yorkie puppy who sat up all excited when I looked at him. He came forward and put his little paws up on the edge of the cart to lick my hand. Little moments like that make me so happy it is amazing the love that emanates from these little creatures.

The photo above is my favorite, I love the way the background blurred and Scooter eyes are looking right in the camera.
Will be posting some shots of my classmate Angelica taken at the beach for wedding/event. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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