The last few mornings have been really beautiful in Tampa Bay with no humidity and a soft breeze. Looks like the evil humidity is returning once again this weekend but I can tell the wonderful weather will soon be returning for good (well until next summer anyway!) Yesterday I drove to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary which is on the beach a few miles south of Clearwater. I was there once several months back. Here they nurse injured seabirds back to health. You can walk through the facility right onto the beach where there are usually quite a few pelicans and other birds around. Not as many out this visit but I did catch a few cool photos of pelicans flying which was my main goal.

I am encouraged by the quality of these that I am getting better with learning how to take these kind of photos and can’t wait to do more. Below is a photo of some white pelicans they had there, I have never seen this kind ‘out in the wild’ here. They are beautiful and very large! I did a little research and it seems they mainly live in the area November-March. Hopefully I will be able to find some out and about soon.

I love the orange eye on this bird. Leaving it in color and changing the rest to black and white gives it a bit of a Halloween effect. 🙂 The little dove below was parked on a sign at Sand Key Park, a beautiful area across the bridge from Clearwater beach.

Finally here is a pic taken on the beach. How beautiful is this water? So different from the brown stuff up in Maryland.


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