>More Dragonflies

Yes a few more dragonfly pics, these taken right out by the lake where I live. I am fascinated by them. This particular kind comes in bright pink, green and blue. The funny thing is they have all the room in the world to fly about yet they keep landing on this one tiny stick that is poking out of the water. I found if I just planted myself there I would have many different opportunities to catch different ones landing on it. The first pic isn’t too exciting but you can see what a cool color of blue it is.

Then we have this green one perched upon the oh so popular stick. I really think dragonflies must be the creatures that inspired the creation of fairies in the storybooks. They even have funky looking little faces.

Here we have the photo of a pink one, had a hard time getting one of them to sit still, which I have turned into a painting-I love this one! I wonder how long I would have to sit out there to get one of each color sitting together on the stick, ummm probably not going to happen.

And finally a more artistic shot of a blue one on that stick. Captured all of these with my 70-300mm lens all the way out to 300mm, someday I will have a longer lens but these are still pretty good. Also took them all hand held so pretty pleased with the sharpness though perhaps I will take the tripod out tomorrow aim the camera at that stick and see how much sharper I can get them!


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