>St. Petersburg, Florida

Today I am sharing some photos of the most beautiful place I have found in the Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg. The downtown area on the water is simply stunning. Saturday mornings from October to May there is a fantastic market a block from the water featuring music, crafts, produce and delicious food. There is a wonderful walkway along the water as well as parks with shady trees and benches to relax on. You can walk to the end of a very long Pier where you will observe fishermen and my favorite pelicans. There is a small aquarium, some touristy shops and food at the end of the pier. There are several places you can eat while enjoying a view of the water as well. There is a gelato place which is amazing. Most of my photos were taken in the downtown area, a few were taken at or near St. Petersburg Beach where there is powdery white sand, blue water and beautiful sea shells. Ft Desoto beach/park is also nearby, I will write a separate post about it soon.
It is another beautiful sunny day here, tonight I will be going to Clearwater Beach to take some evening pics where they have a nightly sunset festival, will share those with you in my next post. Stephanie 🙂


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